robert p desjardins

The American incursion into Iraq is not the first time that a western power, armed with modern weapons, faced a Muslim insurgency, armed with improvised weapons and employing terrorist tactics 

The United States could benefit from an examination of the French misadventures in Algeria in the mid twentieth century. The Mistral uses the Algerian War as a springboard to a modern mystery.

The Mistral addresses contemporary and relevant issues that are on the front pages of every newspaper and periodical. In 2002 a neo fascist political party in an electoral shocker nearly seized control of the French government. The Mistral, was conceived to expose the far reaching roots of that political movement in a story of mystery, love and politics that transports the reader through Algeria, France, the U.S.A. and Canada.

A beautiful young woman enlists the aid of a former boyfriend, a Catholic priest and a retired detective to solve the mystery of her father’s journey through three decades and two continents.

Noel Marquis becomes the target of a fascist killer while she unearths facts underlying the assassination attempt on her father and the murder of her uncle. A priest in the historic tradition of Cardinal Richelieu, guides her through a maze of international politics on both sides of the Atlantic.

Marius, her father, with Noel’s support is able to understand a thirty year old plot that is the byproduct of a political malignancy that caused the death of his wife and sets him on a journey of two lifetimes.

This tale, set in the south of France and North America, will appeal not only to the hundreds of thousands of Francophiles living in the United States but to all those who enjoy a political conspiracy. The recent nomination of a woman for president of France was predicted in The Mistral.