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A hidden religious artifact that could expose a popular religion, an Arizona roundup, cowboys, lawyers and a slew of bad guys.

Get ready for a wild-ride. Land of the Saints kept me reading late into the night.

Robert Dugoni, New York Times Best Selling Author of Murder One

Bob DesJardins' novels keep getting better. I adored A Darker Shade of Orange. As an Orange County Attorney and Sheriff reserve, I got a kick out of all the places and characters. Mistral was mysterious and exciting..But now with his newest novel, "Land of the Saints", Bob brings intrigue to a higher level with his combination of the law, religion and murder. With Bob's thirty years of lawyering he understands how his lead character, Jeff Wells, could become disenchanted with the profession. This gripping adventure takes on religious controversy as he merges his passion for horses and historical research to expose evil and secrecy.

Mari J. Frank, Esq., author of From Victim to Victor; Safeguard Your Identity; The Complete Idiots Guide To Recovery from Identity Theft.


According to Wikipedia “The Association for Mormon Letters (AML) is a nonprofit founded in 1976 to promote quality writing ‘by, for, and about Mormons.’ The broadness of this definition of Mormon literature has led the AML to focus on a wide variety of work that has sometimes been neglected in the Mormon community.”
I was surprised when I received an inquiry from AML about my novel, Land of the Saints, in which they offered to review the book. They did and you can read the review by going to
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Robert DesJardins


See the January issue of Orange Coast Magazine for a comprehensive review by Marilyn Hudson.

The Mistral

A mystery wrapped in French politics inside amnesia, by Review person, Tustin, Ca. 2007

In this first effort by author Desjardins, he proves himself a worthy storyteller. The reader is motivated to stay with the tale during the early narrative and is compelled to do so as the pace quickens. Desjardins measures revelations of his characters to sustain interest and avoids challenges to our suspension of belief, as the story moves toward resolution. A intriguing technique of revealing parts of the puzzle well before the ending is fused with unexpected nuances.

This novel could provide fodder for a cinematic creation, with characters almost jumping off the page. The largely narrative form provides ample flexibility to bend characters with dialogue. I look forward to the author's next story.

very exciting and inventive plot, December 8, 2007 By Jan Mark Dudman.

The Mistral is a very exciting book with an imaginative plot that keeps you involved and guessing about the outcome.

A Suspensful Mystery With a Touch of Romance, Oct 9, 2007 by W. Cuskey.

This entertaining story explodes with intrigue and suspense and just a bit of romance. Marius/John comes eye to eye with evil and challenges it without flinching. Desjardins gives us a great cast of characters who I look forward to seeing again. All in all a great read and I can't wait for his next book.

A Romantic Political Mystery, July 2007 by Gpsy, Trabuco Canyon, Ca.

This thought-provoking, political mystery was the exotic vacation that I didn't get this summer.The short chapters with great hooks, kept me turning the pages. A great book to carry with you on your travels.