robert p desjardins
Darker Shade of Orange


A Darker Shade of Orange has been released. Set in Orange County California, this tale will resonate with those who followed the dual trials of O.J. Simpson. A throw away comment about a universally hated judge, "Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when we need him?" places an attorney between the law and his peers after the judge is brutally murdered. Powerful forces in politically conservative Orange County are mobilized against McCauley, a maverick with a history of taking matters into his own hands.

An embattled, scandal plagued Sheriff, a career driven District Attorney and a corrupt cop conspire to frame him. Facing a criminal trial and then disbarment proceedings, McCauley enlists the aid of a savvy former detective and a beautiful ex-prosecutor to unravel a mosaic of corrupt judges, crooked politicians and the power brokers who work behind the scenes.

"Brilliant! An eye-opening journey behind today's headlines." Dave Lopez, Television Reporter, CBS, KCAL Los Angeles

"A lawyer survives the crucible of Courthouse fire in SHADE. This is a hot read." Carl Holmes, Public Defender, County of Orange, ret.

"A fast paced mystery in "The O.C." DesJardins captures justice and politics at its best and worst. An excellent read." Hon. Dennis Choate, Judge of the Orange County Superior Court, ret. Former Prosecutor Los Angeles County, Major Crimes Division.

"DesJardins weaves a Judicial and Law Enforcement mosaic seldom seen." Hon. James Walsworth, Judge Orange County Superior Court, ret.

"Captivating on many levels. I could not put it down." Hon. Jonathan Cannon, Judge Orange County Superior Court, ret.

"A well written, fast paced novel that truly exposes the darker shades of Orange. Fact mixed with fiction to paint a vivid picture." Hon. Theodore E. "Ted" Millard, Judge of the Orange County Superior Court, Ret., Former Prosecutor Orange County, Homicide Division.

A Darker Shade of Orange is availabe at and Barnes &  It is also available at this site. A Darker Shade of Orange has been awarded the prestigious Editor's Choice designation by iUniverse publishing.

About The Mistral

In 2002, a neo-fascist party nearly seized control of the French government in an electoral shocker. The Mistral was conceived to expose the roots of that movement, which still exists today.

Noel Marquis, a beautiful young woman, is aided by Jean Francois, a former boyfriend; Father Routhier, a Catholic priest in the historic tradition of Cardinal Richelieu; and Lieutenant Flanagan, a retired detective in tracing her father's mysterious life through three decades and across two continents. But Noel becomes the target of a fascist killer when she unearths the conspiracy to murder her uncle and the attempted assassination of her father, Marius Marquis. With Noel's support, Marius can finally understand a thirty-year-old plot—the by-product of a political malignancy that caused his wife's death—and start on a journey that will transform his life.

From Algeria, the south of France, the United States, and Canada, The Mistral is a thrilling story of mystery, love, and international political conspiracy on both sides of the Atlantic.